Editing Services

The experts at Open Book Editors have helped hundreds of writers find the success they’re looking for.  Whether it’s preparing the next great American novel, revising a marketing plan, or building concise and engaging academic projects, Open Book Editors is the industry leader, providing flawless, winning text at affordable prices.


At Open Book Editors, we provide a customer-first approach to editing your manuscript or document. We work with you from concept to completion to ensure that dynamic ideas are translated into successful, eye-catching text that gets results.  We offer unrivaled, personal, and efficient services¸ all at affordable prices.


We offer a wide variety of editing services from top professionals in the industry.  We’re passionate about the written word, and about helping transform personal expression into success. Our clients are visionaries.  They envision their written work finding the most successful platforms currently in print.  At Open Book Editors, we’re committed to facilitating this vision. Let us help transform your words into success.


We specialize in cultivating productive, personal relationships with authors who are motivated to turn inspiration into success.  Whether you’re a first-time author or a veteran looking for another pair of eyes, let us take a fine-toothed comb to your text and yield the flawless copy you deserve.

Document Editing

Manuscript & Book Editing

At Open Book Editors, our relentless passion for detail and years of publishing success have positioned us as leaders in the industry.  We are so committed to helping novelists and e-Book writers strike manuscript gold that we always offer to edit a sample or brief chapter free of charge.  Contact us today to see exactly how we can help you find the success your manuscript deserves. - > > Get Started Now


  • Kevin Bray, Boulder, Colorado “ You’re the best. You turned my work into the slick, lean, tight novel I wanted and you never held back. You helped me write ecstatically! ”
  • Tom Baldwin, Author of When it Returns “ I am in awe of the miracle you have performed on my novel. I could not wait to tell you how pleased I am. You are the best. Thank you. ”

Book Proposals

A strong book proposal is critical to grabbing the attention of a literary agent or publisher. Our four-part book proposals have helped hundreds of writers like you stay out of the slush pile with eye-catching queries based on our years of industry experience. You’ve crafted a great manuscript and gotten it edited professionally. Let us help you sprint across the finish line.

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Manuscript Evaluations

The key to a successful manuscript is an impartial analysis based on years of hard-earned expertise and publishing experience. We know what works and what doesn’t work. But more importantly, we know the elements of a marketable manuscript/author package, and we know what publishers are looking for. If you’ve spent months plugging away and aren’t sure where to turn next, this is likely your best option.

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Mentoring/Writing Instruction

If you have a great story to tell but aren’t sure where to start or how to tell it, this is the path for you. We’ve guided hundreds of writers from basic concepts to successful completion and publication. Our mentoring and instruction is client-centered and personal, based on the artistic vision of the writers and keen knowledge of strong story elements. Why wait to get it on paper? Contact us today to get started.


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