Is your book good enough to earn a publishing contract from a major commercial publisher? This is the most vital question that writers must ask upon completing their manuscript.

Don’t squander your chances of landing a top-tier literary agent or publisher for your book. Before sending it to agents and publishers, make sure it lives up to its full potential.

Our manuscript evaluations start at $300. We’ll read your novel, nonfiction manuscript, memoir, or biography and give you a written summary of its strengths and weaknesses, as well as an appraisal of its marketability. We’ll also give you an honest appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. If we feel that you and your manuscript will benefit from a critique or other editing help, we’ll tell you exactly what the work will cost and when it will be completed.

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  • Stephen Smith, Author of The Challenge “ Chris and the editors at Open Book Editors showed me how to make every word count. I’m shocked by how rigorous they were. Thanks, guys! ”
  • Beth Foss, Smithfield, Virginia “ You all showed me how to set up scenes and write realistic dialogue, which was always a huge problem for me. I’ll use your advice for as long as I’m writing. ”